Culturespaces a développé un concept de diffusion culturelle novateur : AMIEX® (Art & Music Immersive Experience).

For more than twenty-five years, my ambition as the President of Culturespaces, has been to keep our heritage alive, transmit our passion for art and history to a broad audience, contribute to the cultural and touristic development of France.

As a pioneer of Immersive Art, Culturespaces developed a concept of digital exhibitions in 2010: AMIEX® (Art & Music Immersive Experience) adopts a fresh approach to studying the great masters of art history, by using processes and equipment at the cutting edge of technology. The first project of this type, which was launched in Les Baux-de-Provence, with the help of the film director Gianfranco Iannuzzi, is now the most important fixed multimedia installation in the world. The experience of the viewer’s complete immersion in the artist’s world is radically changing the approach to art appreciation as practised until the present day.

Via the AMIEX® digital exhibtions, Culturespaces is pursuing its vocation of cultural transmission, in particular, with regard to those who do not usually visit traditional museums.’ 

Bruno MONNIER, Founder and President of Culturespaces

A fresh approach to art

Over the last four years, the Carrières de Lumières has been a formidable experimental centre for Culturespaces, which has developed an innovative concept of cultural diffusion on the site: AMIEX® (Art & Music Immersive Experience). Discovering an Art & Music Immersive Experience® exhibition is a truly unique artistic experience. This is a physical and intense emotional experience as one beholds the masterpieces that have marked the history of art. And visitors are truly immersed in the pictorial world of the major artists.

Designed to be digital shows, the AMIEX® exhibitions are created using images of projected pictures, which are animated with a veritable mise en scène and a musical accompaniment. Facilitating the access to details that define the style of each composition, they go well beyond being mere reproductions of the original works. A veritable invitation to go on a journey of discovery, allow yourself to be transported by these exhibitions that reveal the major movements in the history of art.

The venue also pays a crucial role in the concept’s success. Each site is selected for its unique qualities and appearance, and its monumental dimensions, which means that visitors are completely immersed in the exhibition. Hence, as it is adapted to the site, the exhibition highlights the venue’s architecture. These places are ideal for strolling around and visitors are encouraged to adopt a participative approach to enjoy a unique experience.

The AMIEX® concept is based on a video installation that is unique in Europe and a spatialised sound system, adapted to the constraints of an exceptional site. The system is, in fact, perfectly adapted to the venue in which it is used. This unique installation means that right from the outset the technology is concealed and the artistic experience heightened.

Designed by artists who are connoisseurs of art history, the AMIEX® exhibitions are not merely exercises in animation, but rather artistic works in their own right. Each show is produced using several thousand HD images and the latest software and technical materials. The combination of profound artistic culture with the mastery of digital animation techniques wholly transmits the timeless emotional impact of the work of the selected artists.

Artistic genius made accessible to all

A pioneer in the field of digital exhibitions, Culturespaces has developed a novel approach to presenting art to the general public. This new concept is extremely popular and appeals to all audiences, from those who are passionate about art to other people who do not usually visit traditional museums.

This success arises from the format of the immersive exhibitions, which correspond to the latest digital practices, the generally grandiose sites, and the themes addressed.