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Jimmy Nelson

The Guardians of Humanity - The Last Sentinels

22 exceptional evenings from 3 July 2024

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This summer, photography takes center stage at the Carrières des Lumières with “Jimmy Nelson, The Guardians of Humanity - The Last Sentinels”! In addition to the “Egypt of the Pharaohs” exhibition, the Carrières des Lumières will be opening its doors exceptionally in the evening this summer to present the first immersive creation based on hundreds of photographs by renowned artist Jimmy Nelson.

Embark on a forty-minute journey into the heart of the world’s enduring Indigenous cultures and landscapes with “Jimmy Nelson, The Guardians of Humanity - The Last Sentinels”, a creation of the Spectre Lab studio. This immersive experience celebrates the beauty and dignity of peoples who profoundly respect and revere the environment and nature that sustain their lives.

Through stunning portraits and landscapes, visitors discover cultural rites and traditions to the rhythm of a soundtrack inspired by musical compositions from Africa, Siberia, India, South America and Aboriginal Australia. Spectre Lab’s creation is an invitation to explore the richness of our world in all its splendor. “Jimmy Nelson, The Guardians of Humanity - The Last Sentinels” offers a timeless journey that is at once aesthetic, emotional and profoundly human.

In organizing this immersive exhibition, Culturespaces is providing financial support to the Jimmy Nelson Foundation, with a dedicated mission to celebrate Indigenous cultures and raise awareness about the beauty and crucial importance of biodiversity in our rapidly changing world.

Opening times

22 exceptional evenings from 3 July 2024

3, 4, 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 25, 31 July
1er, 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22, 28, 29 August
7, 14, 21 et 28 September

⌛ Duration: 40 minutes
🕚 Beginning of the show: 8.30pm

Doors open from 7.30pm in July and August, and from 7pm in September. The Café des Carrières is open on these evenings.


Single price: €13
Free for children under 7